Okay, okay. I just having some mood swings and suddenly I wanted to open my old wordpress and posting something. About that short story, I just made it an hour ago. I don’t know why, the idea just came up to me in sudden. Back to topic, because I wanted to open my old wordpress and post something, that short story is the only thing I have.

The question is, why did I want to open this old wordpress of mine? Because someone has been waking up my another side which really like to write story. That’s why. And guess what? I planned to write a novel, okay that’s too much and I don’t think I can.

I think I need to finish this useless post as soon as possible.


They say pain is an illusion.

Then, you came into my life. You said you love me. You said you would never leave me. You said I am the best thing that ever been yours. And you kissed me like there is no tomorrow. But, you lied. You said so to another girl. I saw you. I didn’t tell because deep inside, I knew, very well, that myself still need you here and never want you to leave. So, I kept quiet.

They say pain is illusion. But when I look at you, I know it’s real.

SNSD Memberikan Pesan untuk 2NE1



Pada tanggal 29 Oktober, Girls ‘Generation (SNSD) tampil di panggung spesial untuk panggung ke-1000 dari ‘Open Concert ‘dan berpartisipasi dalam konferensi pers.

Seohyun dan Tiffany mengatakan, “Terima kasih banyak untuk mengijinkan Girls ‘Generation berdiri di atas panggung dengan sunbae dan hoobae yang kita kagumi. Seperti ‘Open Concert,” yang memiliki panggung ke-1.000, Girls ‘Generation berharap untuk menjadi penyanyi yang dapat menerima cinta untuk waktu yang sangat lama. “

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